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This was another excellent book written by the wordsmith Kevin Ansbro. It is a short story that opens at the funeral of Joe’s grandmother. Joe and his grandmother are extremely close and Joe falls into a deep depression after the funeral. He sits around for some time not cleaning, eating properly or doing pretty much anything that normal people do.

Joe’s grandmother appears to him in human form as much younger, from the well at his house. Joe realizes that she was a very beautiful woman when she was young. He takes her to shop for some appropriate clothing and they prepare for a night on the town. She charms everyone she comes into contact with.

This story also has an alternate plot involving a Muslim man and his dire plan. I was perplexed about how this story relates to the beautiful story told of Joe and his grandmother. But, I had total confidence in Kevin Ansbro and his ability to create a perfect merging of the two stories. Of course, he did not disappoint.

This is a beautifully written short story that I can relate to a personal loss that I suffered when my grandmother passed away. She had been my primary caretaker while I was growing up and when she passed away I was devastated.

About the Author

I was born of Irish parents, and have lived in Malaysia and Germany:
My formal education was at Hamond’s Grammar School in Swaffham, and at the Norfolk College of Arts and Technology (Stephen Fry being a much more famous former student).
I write in the magical realism genre, meshing otherworldliness into the harshness of our real world. I also like to handcuff humour and tragedy to the same radiator.
Perhaps incongruously for an author I have a background in karate and kickboxing. I also travel extensively – particularly in the Far East.
I’m married (to Julie) and currently live in Norwich, England.
Stuff about me: I’m a foodie and an avid reader who values good manners, love and friendship above all else. I am constantly putting my foot in it, am reputed to have a wicked sense of humour and love to laugh, but sometimes do that ‘snorty pig’ noise when I do!
I’m also easy-going and extremely friendly. Come on over and have a chat – I’ll put the kettle on!

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